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Our Units

We're more than trouser makers. Our Units is here to encourage people to embrace who they are—and to take brave steps towards better balance in life and nature.

Our purpose reflects the belief that sustainability in the outer world begins in the inner. When people feel safe to be authentic, they unfold in the most change-creating, optimistic and persistent way.

That's why we're here—on a journey towards better.

Better means feeling connected and seeing each other as we are. It means caring for each other, our partners, our trousers, the ones who wear them, and everyone we meet.

Everything's connected.

Let's embrace who we are.
Let's take brave steps.
Let's move towards better.
Let's do it together.

With ease, love & understanding,

Our Units, the home of Five Units and Plain Units

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Fine beige bukser fra PlainUnits.
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